Will you give this little gadget a Twitter Blue?

Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion, there has been a piqued interest in the social media platform. The introduction of paid blue tick (Twitter Blue) badge has been through a love-hate relationship all the way; but it has finally rolled out. If you’re unperturbed by the changing hierarchy or terms of use; the dedicated Twitter fan in you deserves a pocket device made especially for tweeting.

For someone who uses the platform a lot, merely having an app to explore isn’t a novelty. So, how about something like the Twitter 3D Gadget – a dedicated gadget for Tweeting. Get going with the exploration using dedicated buttons, small screen, and a scroller on the device.

Designer: Duxica Design Agency

Looking more like a high-resolution portable media player – something akin to the Mighty Vibe – this little gadget would be the best thing for Twitterholics to have handy, especially for those who’ve started dishing out money for the Twitter Blue.

This conceptual design is all draped in the signature Blue with Black for contrast. There’s a small display on the front with a little camera lens on the top to click instant images you can upload instantly at the press of a button.

The front island has a mechanical scroll wheel, new tweet jot-down button, home button and more. To one side are placed the comment, like, retweet and upload media button. A dedicated notifications slider adjacent to these buttons lets you zone off when committed to a productive task. Twitter 3D Gadget looks cute and fancy to pull out of the pocket at a café, but how useful would it be for Spaces is something we’d know when it’s actually in the market?

Author: jeserje

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