Why tastyworks Is Taking The Name Of Parent And Financial Media Brand tastytrade – Charles Schwab (NYSE:SCHW)

Tastyworks announced it would assume the name of its IG Group Holdings Inc.-owned parent and financial media company, tastytrade.

Context: Since 2011, tastytrade has advocated for and empowered individual retail investors. The firm’s founders, who previously created the thinkorswim platform acquired by Charles Schwab Corporation– owned SCHW TD Ameritrade in 2009, are market veterans who maintained research-based content that better informed traders’ activities in markets.

To enable traders to better express their opinion and manage risk with better tools, tastytrade later founded tastyworks.

Impact: The decision to rebrand helps with brand alignment and recognition. Now, tastytrade is the place to get educated and monetize this education in a more efficient way.

The CEO of IG US, now the parent to tastytrade, JJ Kinahan told Benzinga the brand was looking to expand its business through new launches and partnerships while staying true to its roots.

“We are excited to continue to serve our clients and will continue to give them more platform and mobile features along with the amazing content that they expect from us via tastylive“, he says.

“We’re also launching our first major ad campaign next week with some cool, original ads aimed at traders who want to take advantage of the tools we offer to help them manage their own money.”

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