What We’re Reading (Week Ending 12 March 2023)

We’ve constantly been sharing a list of our recent reads in our weekly emails for The Good Investors. Do subscribe for our weekly updates through the orange box in the blog (it’s on the side if you’re using a computer, and all the way at the bottom if you’re using mobile) – it’s free! But since our readership-audience for The Good Investors is wider than our subscriber base, we think sharing the reading list regularly on the blog itself can benefit even more people. The articles we share touch on a wide range of topics, including investing, business, and the world in general. Here are the articles for the week ending March 12, 2023: The Information: Let’s start with what’s happening now after the FDIC took over SVB. Recess: In any bank failure, the FDIC becomes the resolution authority regardless of who the regulator is for a bank. The

Author: jeserje

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