Weather The Fed With AbbVie’s Strong Portfolio And Solid Dividend Growth

Mohammed Haneefa Nizamudeen

Amidst the current market turmoil largely driven by the Fed’s rapid rate hike campaign and its potential near-term ramifications across the financial sector, many investors are seeking safer places for their capital, both in equities and fixed income, to

ABBV Historical Dividends

ABBV Historical Dividends (

ABBV Payout Ratio 2013-22

ABBV Payout Ratio 2013-22 (Seeking Alpha)

ABBV Valuation

ABBV Valuation (Morningstar)

ABBV Valuation

ABBV Valuation (Seeking Alpha)

ABBV 2023 EPS Projections

ABBV 2023 EPS Projections (Seeking Alpha)

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