Update on my recent Trade under rising interest rate conditions!

Market Update As I have shared in my previous articles, with the most recent on the market being on SAVERs – How to maximize your interest and my Market Transaction/Updates and SBAPR23 GX23040S – Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB) above 3% again. Buy or Bye?, the market is very volatile now, my action now is trading but will keep those shares that I have accumulated cheap for longer terms. Trade or Wait? I would generally prefer at least a 6% yield before I will buy anything. If not, it would be better for me to keep money in a high savings account at 4%. Why take the risk? The latest treasury yield is 3.98% now but I didn’t apply for it because Standard Chartered has given me 4% from March to Aug My Trade Recently I have bought CapitaLand India Trust at $1.09 in the early part of the week and…

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