Trump’s Niece Calls His Ohio Visit ‘Clueless And Out Of Touch,’ Says ‘Trump Water’ He Gave Residents Was Undrinkable

Mary Trump the niece of the former President donald trump took potshots at her uncle yet again in a recent episode of the “Mary Trump Show” podcast.

What Happened: Donald Trump visited the train derailment site in East Palestine, Ohio this Wednesday and criticized the President Joe Biden’s administration for its handling of the disaster. Speaking sarcastically, Mary Trump said the former president always has his finger on the pulse of exactly what victims of disasters, natural, man-made and otherwise, really need.

In Ohio, where a train derailment caused catastrophic environmental damage as thousands of tons of toxic chemicals were released into the environment, Donald Trump understood exactly what his constituents there wanted, she said, taking a jab at her uncle. Referring to the pallets of “Trump Water” the former president’s aides distributed, Mary Trump said, “They [local residents] also apparently, not having suffered enough and not having ingested enough toxic chemicals, wanted poisoned water.”

Taking a jab at her uncle, she said the “Trump Water” given to local residents had expired in 2010.

Water stored in plastic bottles, after 13 years, “it’s not really water anymore,” Mary Trump said. “Congratulations, you got exactly what Donald thinks you deserve,” she added.

The “best thing” about the Ohio trip was that it highlighted the degree to which Donald Trump was “clueless and out of touch,” the podcaster said. She also slammed the former administration under her uncle for its direct and indirect role in repealing regulations that would have made “that kind of environmental catastrophe impossible.”

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Why It’s Important: Incidentally, social media posts shared positive reactions from the residents of East Palestine. A video showed people thanking and welcoming the former president.

Donald Trump has announced his decision to run for office in 2024, although he is expected to face a growing field of Republican contenders for the GOP nomination.

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