Thoughts on Dream International (HKEX: 1126)

Dream International is a company I have once held in before from 2017 to 2018 and I revisited it again this year. It has just released a positive profit alert. While the alert was not a surprise, the magnitude of the profit is a positive surprise. The reason for revisiting was pretty simple thinking anything tom or harry can do. 1) Languishing Share Price

A glance at the share price and one might wonder what it has been doing the past 5 years as the share price has declined. Could it be a case of profitability being impacted? Let’s find out a bit deeper. 2) Revenue and Net Profit on the path of recovery. Financial Health Healthy

A look at its revenue will show that it has grown since covid and its profit has also recovered. If we can have reopening stocks moving ahead of time and recovering in share price, surely a company like Dream International should deserve better valuations…

Author: jeserje

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