Thoughts on Alibaba’s Current Valuation

Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below. To read my previous valuation for their last quarter result can click here Alibaba’s December quarter 2022 result is out, lets revisit the sum of parts again: Alibaba’s market cap as of today is US$230.29 billion Net cash: 55.007 billion

To be even more conservative this time I use their cash + short term investments minus all their borrowings. Excluding escrow receivables + restricted cash Share investment equity value: 64.387 billion “Equity securities and other investments” + “Investment in equity method investors” to be more conservative this time, I include their 33% Ant Group stake in it. This means I value Ant as it is in the balance sheet without any IPO prospects. Cainiao(63% stake): 22.982 billion Latest cash injection valuation done by Alibaba and size it to 63% stake, article here….

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