T Bills – Fundamentals, Strategies and Risks

This post first appeared on my substack page – 8percentpa.substack.com and I have repackaged and reproduced it here as this idea remains very palatable and perhaps relevant for everyone since T-bills are risk free. Your grandmother should buy T-bills.

We have also discussed T bills below:

Singapore T-bills Full Analysis

Invest in Risk Free Singapore T-Bills!

Only Singaporeans and Singapore’s Permanent Residents can invest in T bills. But I did some googling and surfed around at:


I believe the process is similar and most investors can similarly invest and earn c.4% annual return by buying US government T-bills. This post serves to illustrate the strategy and process to go about doing this investment optimally and how to think about your savings in a broader context. Ok, let’s dive into it.

1. Fundamentals

The chart below shows the cut-off yield for Singapore Government T-bills with data going back to 1987,

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