Scott Adams is Thoroughly Canceled by Liberals and Cons for Saying What Everyone in This Country Believes! – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

Mass exodus to small towns isn’t because big city libtards are in love with eating at Waffle House and shopping at Dollar General.

White liberals have shown that they would much rather live next door to a blue collar openly racist Trump supporting family in the middle of nowhere than blacks or Mexicans.

Scott Adams makes an honest and heartfelt comment explaining why and this Jewish totalitarian regime unpersons him.

The Rasmussen poll itself is disastrous.

Only 72% of all respondents agree that “It’s OK to be White” with only 58% strongly agreeing.

Only 73% of Republicans strongly agreed!

This shows what decades of anti-White conditioning have done.

The excuse that “It’s OK to be White” is classified as hate by the ADL makes it no better.

Why does this Jewish power group get to decide that for everyone, even non-Jews?

If 28% of people in the country disagree that existing as a White person is ok, that is a disaster for White people.

That means that 1 in 4 people in this country hate us, and presumably think discrimination and even violence against Whites is ok.

This holds true for those who disagree with the statement based on knowing that it is classified as a hate statement by Jews, since they are more likely to be politically aware and have a thought out hate stance against Whites.

Conservative attempts to spin this as good news are inexcusable and a shitty attempt to bolster “anti-wokeness” which is just another form of anti-whiteness.

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