SATS Rights Issue: What can shareholders do?

SATS has finally released details on their rights issue, which they had been talking about for months, to raise a significant amount of funds. First of all, the rights price is set at S$2.20. It means that you need to pay this amount to get each additional share. The allotment is 323 Rights Shares for every 1,000 shares you own. If you indeed have 1,000 shares, you would need to make a payment of S$710.60 (323 x S$2.20) to get your full entitlement. It’s worth noting that subscribing to the full allotment of 323 Rights Shares may result in odd lots of 23 shares, which may be difficult to trade and may incur additional fees – lot size is in multiples of 100s. A possible solution is to subscribe to 300 Rights Shares, forfeiting the remaining 23 shares. This approach would result in a round lot of shares and avoid the potential difficulties associated with odd lots….

Author: jeserje

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