President Obrador Digs At US After Deadly Kidnapping In Mexico

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obradoron Monday, took a dig at Washington, saying that his country was safer than the US

What Happened: President Obrador pushed back against American critics of his security record after a recent deadly kidnapping in a Mexican city claimed the lives of two US nationals, reported Reuters.

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The March 3 attack on four Americans and their subsequent abduction in Mexico’s Matamoros was covered closely by the US and sparked recriminations from US lawmakers. By the time Mexican authorities found the four victims, two of them were dead.

Mexico has since then arrested five alleged drug cartel members over the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, President Obrador rejected US official security warnings that depict much of Mexico as a risky place to visit. “Mexico is safer than the United States,” Obrador told reporters, adding, “There’s no problem with traveling safely around Mexico.”

The Mexican president added that tourists from America and Mexicans living in the US were aware of his country’s safety. There was a significant increase in American tourists visiting Mexico last year.

Obrador also slammed conservative US politicians for an “anti-Mexico” campaign and negative reports about security.

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