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We are equal, but with diverse ways and meaning of life,
We are equal, but end with the same manner in this life,

At least our fate makes us equal to each other, in this life,

We stumble upon the unknown end,
As if it’s a new place or planet,
That we would be going to discover,
As we go, we can’t come back,

Our community is large,
But with less friends,
As we consider others as strangers,
Even though they are our same kind,

They came to this world just like us,
And will come to an end just like us,
Our flowers grow, and rot till time,
Just like us, everything carries the same fate,

In our world, everyone is equal,
But we are confined to communities,
Communities are built on a new dream,
That will come to other hands as well.

By Sarah Shahzad, February 2020 Poems About Community

Author: jeserje

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