Oli Sykes unearths the self-curated, bootleg mixtapes he used to sell at school, and now we want one – SME News

Back in the day, mixtapes were the OG way of listening to your favorite musicians on the go, without having to lug around your entire collection. They were also a handy way of sending handpicked music to your friends or school/uni crush on cassettes or CDs.

Or, if you are enterprising entrepreneur-in-waiting Sheffield schoolboy Oli Sykes, later to find fame as the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon frontman, you might use that CD-burning facility on your computer to start amassing a handsome – albeit strictly illegal – add-on to your weekly pocket money.

Many of us will remember a kid at school who used to run a mini tuck shop from inside their locker, sneakily selling sweets and other highly sought-after playground goods, and it appears that Oli Sykes ran a similar side hustle, but instead of bartering gobstoppers and fruit laces he ran the monopoly on nu metal CD mixtapes.

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