Luminar’s Map To Profitability Sets A New Standard For The Lidar Industry (NASDAQ:LAZR)



Luminar (NASDAQ:LAZR) has demonstrated excellence in reporting its expectations for 2023 and beyond. As someone who has monitored all public Lidar companies, I must commend Luminar for setting the bar high regarding transparency and clarity. Nevertheless, it is essential to

Financial table

2022 GAAP Opex (Financial Statements – Author)

Financial Table

Net Cash Used in Operating Activities 2022 (Financial Statements – Author)

Description of costs and revenues by category

Long-Term Revenue Generation (Luminar Technologies Inc.)

Breakdown of Revenue Potential

Unit Economics Roadmap (Luminar Technologies Inc.)

Explanation of the path to profit

Profitability Map (Luminar Technologies Inc.)

Breakdown of expenses

Scalable OPEX and Capex (Luminar Technologies Inc.)

Analysis of income statements from 2023 to 2027

Cash Spent Analysis (Luminar’s Map to Profitability – Author)

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