Lights, Camera, iPhone! Zhuzh Up Your Ordinary Videos With This Simple Cinematic Mode Trick – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Are you tired of seeing ordinary posts on your feed? Fear not, a simple trick using Cinematic mode on Apple Inc.‘s AAPL iPhones can help you transform ordinary videos into masterpieces.

What Happened: A handle “iphone_photography_school,” he Meta Platforms Inc.‘s META Instagramshared a smart trick that can elevate users’ cinematography skills.

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The video shows a simple yet ingenious way to click videos that can add some serious pizzazz to users’ feed and help them impress their friends with some newfound cinematography skills.

Follow these simple steps and sit back, relax and dive into the magical world of iPhone’s Cinematic universe:

Step I: Open Camera on iPhone and opt for Cinematic mode.

Step II: Use 3X zoom and record a short clip.

Step III: Tap edit on the top right corner of the screen and scroll to the video frame

Step IV: Tap on the background and check if the focus is changing.

Step V: Scroll to the next frame, tap on the subject and check if the focus is now on the subject.

Here’s the aforementioned steps in the action:

The video has more than 16K likes on Instagram while the account boasts of 1.1 million followers.

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