It’s Official: Uncle Budd NYC Becomes First Black-Owned Cannabis Brand In New York Market

Uncle Budd NYC, a legendary black-owned cannabis brand, has officially entered the New York market via a partnership with Omnium Canna in which the two companies will participate in a manufacturing and licensing partnership to produce cannabis products.

A mobile dispensary company that attracted media attention for its colorful trucks and cannabis ‘gifting’ in New York City, Uncle Budd NYC was founded by Craig Sweat, who spent over 20 years in prison due to the war on drugs. Since his release, Sweat has been an indefatigable crusader for cannabis reform and social equity within the industry.

Sweat told Benzinga in a past interview that the trucks were not in the business of “selling cannabis,” but rather giving it away for a small donation, which went right back to the original community that “created the business of selling weed” in the first place: legacy weed sellers.

“We’re trying to keep them alive by enabling them to thrive. They’re the original cannabis community that has been doing this successfully for decades and they want to keep doing it.”

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Sweat is now clearly enthusiastic about the partnership with Omnium.

“This partnership is more than just a business deal. It is a statement of our commitment to equity and justice in the cannabis industry. We are proud to work with Omnium Canna to bring our vision of a more inclusive and equitable cannabis industry to life,” Sweat said.

Uncle Budd NYC and Omnium Canna are poised to make a significant impact on the cannabis landscape in New York and beyond as they seek to create more diversity and equal opportunities in the cannabis industry, both of which are sorely lacking.

The partnership is also significant because Uncle Budd NYC is the first black-owned cannabis brand to enter the New York market. And Omnium Canna is the first licensed minority-owned cannabis processor and extractor in the United States.

“We are thrilled to partner with Uncle Budd NYC to bring our high-quality cannabis products to the people of New York,” said Howard Hoffman, co-founder of Omnium Canna. “This partnership represents the intersection of two powerful forces in the cannabis industry – the first licensed minority-owned cannabis processor and extractor in the United States and a black-owned cannabis brand entering the New York market for the first time.”

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