In A Revealing Email, Ron Baron Had This Friendly Advice For Elon Musk – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Although billionaire Ron Baron has made no bones about his admiration for Elon Musk and Tesla TSLAthe mutual fund manager and investor wasn’t keen on one thing Musk has been known for, Business Insider revealed.

What Happened: In a July 2018 email to Musk, Baron shared some valuable advice, the publication reported, citing documents submitted in connection with a lawsuit against the Tesla CEO over his funding-secured tweet.

“You should not respond to any criticism in the news on Twitter,” Baron wrote.

“The more you react, the more likely they will win. If something really upsets you, go for a walk around the factory. Get an ice cream cone. Just don’t use Twitter,” he added.

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Baron also encouraged Musk, who recently took over Twitter for $44 billion, to stay true to his core mission amid the distractions.

“Your job is just to make the cars and sell them and make them better every day. That’s all. It’s a lot. But that is under your control. Media is not. That is the answer. Don’t let them distract you from the mission,” Baron wrote.

“Be BORING! Enough excitement about the business. You don’t need to add any more personality. Only detracts from the mission. Makes you appear unfocused. Makes you vulnerable to criticism,” he cautioned.

Baron’s email to Musk came after the latter drew public outrage for calling a British cave diver who had helped rescue a group of boys trapped in a Thai cave a “pedo” on Twitter, according to Business Insider. The controversial Tesla CEO reportedly apologized for his tweet three days following Baron’s email.

Why It’s Important: Musk has often been criticized for wearing his emotions on his sleeves. Some of his comments on Twitter have come off as rash, brash or even irresponsible.

Recently, Musk got into a Twitter exchange with a terminated Twitter employee, accusing the latter of using his disability as an excuse for being unable to work. After receiving backlash online, Musk was forced to apologize.

Musk was also blamed for a drop in Tesla stock last year after he tweeted his political leanings — a move seen as detrimental to Tesla’s brand appeal.

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