I’m Late To GXS Bank (Risk-Free 3.5%)

Not exactly sure when it rolled out to the masses, but I chanced upon it one day on my Grab app calling out to me. Clicked (or rather, tapped) on it without checking if there’s any referral programs and minutes later, I’m earning passive income on my idle cash haha. That was back in 17th February 2023 and since then, I have given it a more thorough test by transferring funds in/out of the accounts multiple times to evaluate their responsiveness and it has passed with flying colors during my attempts. All my transfers were completed promptly without issues. Nice! After my trial period with $1000 in GXS, I was convinced enough to put in another $4000 to hit the temporary maximum account balance of $5000. To be honest, I am not expecting any safety issues pertaining to GXS Bank although it is one of the first digital banks…

Author: jeserje

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