Highest Yielding REITs in March 2023

What are the highest yielding REITs in March 2023? Most REITs had or are going to ex-dividend this month. I am looking to collect my pay out from the REITs in my stock portfolio. Based on my observation, when REITs ex-dividend or pay out, the stock price usually declines slightly. When the stock price declines, this also means the current dividend yield increases. If you like to time the market, you can watch out for this opportunity to add the REIT you have been watching out for to your stock portfolio. In the latest business updates or financial result releases, retail REITs’ metrics have reported to surpass pre-COVID levels as they benefit from the boost in tourism. (https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/companies-markets/retail-s-reits-metrics-surpass-pre-covid-poised-benefit-tourism-boost). Despite inflation being under control, the Fed says more interest rate hikes are required to restore price stability. REITs react negatively to interest rate hikes as it impacts their Distribution Per Unit…

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