Financial wellness for women — taking charge of your wealth

As their wealth grows, more women today are eager to take care of their finances and achieve financial independence. However, women have historically lacked the confidence in their ability to invest — even though, ironically, they often make better investors. Endowus’ data suggests that our female clients generally have less of a trading mentality compared to male clients — they invest less frequently, and also redeem less often, even during periods of market volatility. The wealth journeys of some women may also differ from those of men, due to factors such as career breaks, pay differences, a longer lifespan, and the greater need for flexible work arrangements for caregiving. Against this backdrop, fund managers share their thoughts on how women can build their wealth, manage their own and their family’s money matters, and prepare for retirement.

Investing the fairer way

UOB Asset Management “While investing is stereotypically…

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