February 2023 Portfolio Update and Thoughts on Finding Purpose

Feb 23 Portfolio Update

Portfolio allocation as of Feb ’23.

• SG Shares: CDG, DBS, SGX, Valuetronics

• SG Reits: Syfe Reit+


Not much to update this month – I mainly added a small amount to my Syfe Reit+ portfolio, as interest rate fears once again put pressure on S-Reits. This is part of my regular DCA strategy as I work towards accumulating $20k in S-Reits on Syfe. I am clear that my objective is to just achieve market returns for S-Reits and thus will continue to build my position, even though the outlook for Reits may be rocky.

A few months back, I wrote that I was closely watching the US Office Reit sector, and was looking at Keppel Pacific Oak Reit (“KORE”) in particular. Against the backdrop of some office landlords defaulting on their loans

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