DBS LiveFresh Increases Cashback Cap, Removes FavePay Exclusion From 1st April

DBS is tweaking the cashback program of the DBS LiveFreshp card from 1st April 2023 onwards. Before you freak out – relax, they’re not calling this an enhancement, which means the card isn’t nerfed. Instead, the features are buffed ever so slightly, and in an environment where nerfs are the norm, it is something pretty fortunate.

Thanks to Ben for highlighting.

DBS LiveFresh

Apply Promo code: 150 CASH

New to bank

  1. Apply and use promo code 150 CASHby 30th June 2023
  2. Charge a minimum of S$800 within the first 60 days from the card approval date
  3. Get S$150 cashback!

Consider the DBS Yuu Card as your first DBS card for a better promo Get 5% cashback on contactless and online transactions with S$600 minimum spend per month. Tap here for a review (I’ll update this soon™)…

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