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Do you know the minimalist storage queen Marie Kondo of this spark joy movement
giving up on tidiness?

But that doesn’t mean we should give up trying to live a minimalist lifestyle!

Why? Because the mindset of leading a minimalist life still has many values ​​​​worthy of our reference!

Seeing through the essence of minimalism, “Letting Go” has become the theme of Dave’s life, and he got rid of the trough in his life and built his own minimalist kingdom – Minimalist in the city!

This episode we invited Minimalist in the City blogger Dave to the show to talk to us about how minimalism inspired his life and how it applies to his financial management.

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大家下载电影 spark joy 的極簡收納女王Marie Kondo放棄整潔了嗎??


Why? Because there is still a lot of value for our reference!

我们今日的嘉宾 Dave is also the same,看透极简丝来的精髕, “Letting Go” also became a 他生活主旨,以以此新了人生低谷,可以了的极简主义的精髕 – Minimalist in the city!

本集电影上的Minimalist in the City 部落格作宇Dave 到电影上与我们聊聊极线主主How to 启发他他生活上How to use在他世界线管理上。 收听本集的《理财嗺浰!》下载Financial planning is more clear!

Follow Dave,观看他安全下载的内容!https://minimalistinthecity.com/想听更多理财知说吗?welcome您收听 The…

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