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Stray From The Path are a band who have never pulled punches.

Not even close.

Their ideals and idealologies are poured throughout their music, making a stand where it counts and in an unflinching manner that allows no room to doubt their intentions.

“This is our best record, it’s just now up to everybody else to see if they agree with me.”

Tom Williams

For nearly two decades, the band has been releasing a cavalcade of music that backs up their public persona, delivering a scathing combination of heavy riffs meets hip-hop meets hardcore meets metal sonic blasts that are aggressive as they are topical.

The band last week released their latest album Euthanasia via UNFDwith guitarist Tom Williams sitting down with HEAVY to discuss the release.

“Me and Craig (Reynoldsdrummer) have a great chemistry, and we wanted to do something a little darker,” he explained Euthanasia‘s tone. “Basically the first 20 seconds of music you hear on this record is what we knew we wanted the record to sound like; super dark and heavy with that cool drum beat. That drum beat that Craig wrote in the beginning for Needful Things was the first thing we wrote for this whole record, so… That sets the tone for the whole thing. The people have heard that and they’ve heard III so far, so that’s kind of like the best representation of what we’ve got.”

In the full interview, Tom talks about the less than ideal writing and recording process for the album, how it is their “most ferocious and compelling” release to date, having Jessie Barnett from Stick To Your Guns guest, making your point through music and more.

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