Apple Users Can Now Create Their Own ‘Ted Lasso’ Poster – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Apple Inc. AAPL Stores worldwide are now offering a new creative experience where users can design their unique motivational poster inspired by the hit TV show “Ted Lasso.”

What Happened: Apple has launched a new “Today at Apple” session to promote the return of the two-time Emmy Award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso, allowing users to create their distinctive “Believe” poster.

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Customers worldwide can go to an Apple Store for this creative and new session in “celebration of the third season” scheduled for a March 15 launch.

“During the ‘Pop-Up Studio: Make Your Own Ted Lasso Poster,’ attendees will create their own version of Coach Lasso’s locker room sign using Apple Pencil on iPad,” the company said in a press release.

Viewers globally can watch seasons one and two of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. It has not been officially announced, but the upcoming third season could be the last.

Why It’s Important: Ted Lasso’s season three promotion is already in full swing, with fans being able to stay at Ted’s local London pub for a limited period, reported AppleInsider.

For now, the new Ted Lasso workshop is a strict drop-in session that cannot be booked in advance.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming season here:

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