Added: CICT (Mar 2023)

Added 14,000 shares of CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (CICT) at $1.88 on 2 Mar 2023.
Reason for buying: 1) PB 0.91 2) 5.6% dividend I know 5.6% dividend yield doesn’t seem high in current high interest rate era. But given CapitaLand branding, it might be challenging for the share price to drop further by a large margin to achieve a higher dividend yield as that would mean that the PB will have to drop further. I view PB and dividend yield as a see-saw relationship which I think is quite balanced out at this moment. 3) Almost pure play SG

4) 81% loan on fixed interest rate and at average 2.7% loan interest rate

5) Retail sector looking bright (Recovering)

Once tenants sales recover, positive tenants rent reversal will follow automatically. I am betting big on Retail sector as you…

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