A Day In The Life Of TTI – Saturday Edition

You guys have no idea how often I get asked non-investing questions about my schedule, so here’s TTI’s life on a Sat, coupled with some exciting commentary to entertain you. 7AM: RISE AND SHINE 8AM – 1PM: WORK

Yes, I work on Saturdays. Actually, some Sundays too, if there’s nothing recreational that I have on. My wife jokes that our helper gets more days off than me, which is true. Unlike most employees who are on a 5 day work week now (and there’s talk of a 4 day one), I don’t fit the mold of most people.

No, I don’t feel angsty, neither do I feel that I lack “work life balance”, and neither do I feel stressed or like I’m going crazy or whatever it is that most people that are unhappy with their working lives, feel. And on that rare occasion when I do feel that

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