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A bit of my history of how I started painting pubs

Arriving to London
I arrived in London from Chile in June 2004. It was around the first week and the summer was just around the corner. Wrongly I assumed that London could be cold even in summer, so I came wearing a very warm coat, scarf and hat and after I left Heathrow and came to central London I really noticed the 33 Celsius degrees this day.
Discovering the Pubs
A few hours had passed since my arrival and someone invited me to have a walk in the park to stretch my legs. I was near Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. As an architect I was immediately in love with the architecture and then the park. I was born and grew up in the Atacama desert where in some parts the relative humidity was 0%, some slight rain every ten years and the greenery was really zero, so for me the park was really fantastic. It didn’t take too long to discover the pubs and absolutely fell in love with them. At that time there was only my little and basic camera available (still far from the devices we have today) and anyway I was happy and excited to be in London and during my walks I started to sketch them in my notebook. The first months I did not count with more materials and only carried with me my sketchbook and my pen and one day I decided to add color to my sketches, so I bought some basic watercolors and did it. Slowly I started to do them in separate format and more adequate paper.

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