3 Singapore Blue-Chip Stocks Doubling Their Dividends in 2023

The beauty of blue-chip stocks is that they offer stability as well as dividends. Investors can rely on these reliable heavyweights for assurance as they face an uncertain and possibly gloomy economic outlook. The key is for you to watch for sturdy blue-chip stocks with strong franchises that can weather the storm. With the earnings season just over, several of these companies have reported stellar earnings and also declared higher dividends. It’s always a joy to receive more dividends, but investors also need to keep an eye on the business to see if it can continue to grow. Because when profits and cash flow steadily rise, there’s a chance for even higher dividends down the road. Here are three companies that doubled their dividends and more.

City Developments Limited (SGX: C09)

City Developments Limited, or CDL, is a real estate company with a presence in 104 locations around 29 countries and regions. For 2022, CDL reported its…

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